To take care of fuzz guys

So, you might have already known the basic ideas about how to take care of fuzz guys.

"How to take care of fuzz guys" is on my policy page.
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I'm making fuzz guys with a needle felting technique.
Fuzz guys can stay fuzzy, because of the nature of needle felting.

But, one problem is the fuzziness of fuzz guys attracts more fuzz!

If you hang them somewhere, and forget about them for a while, you may later find them with extra fuzzy white stuff (dust) all over on them.

Especially, the black fuzz guys may need your kind care more often. What I do is, I just use a sticky lint roller and gently roll it on them.

You might want to roll the roller somewhere else first to make the stickiness weaker before you use it for fuzz guys.

You don't want to take all their original (wool) fuzz away, you know.

But, most of the time, it works good for me. After taking the fuzzy dust off them, you can cut any other unwanted longer wool fuzz that's sticking out with small scissors.

These guys may need this cleaning technique,