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Spring comes…..find the bunny butt

Fuzz On Me needle felted bunny butt pincushion and felted carrots
fuzzonme : upgraded animal butt wrist pincushion and miniature carrots for spring fun!

Flowers start blooming everywhere and I see small rabbits are hopping out from bushes here and there.
Ahhhh, a nice spring breeze (and sneeze…)🐰

This is the best season for my bunny butt wrist pincushion. My new upgraded version wrist pincushion comes with a detachable strap!

fuzz on me : detachable strap and 100% wool needle felted bunny butt
fuzzonme : detachable strap and 100% wool needle felted bunny butt

My fuzzy faux fur wrist pincushion is still available in my store. I recommend the faux fur pincushion for more casual occasional sewers (like me!). But, it seems like for more serious sewers who want to wear the wrist band often in the hot and sweaty summer time, it could be better if you can have the choice to wash the strap.

Please keep this mind, the needle felted wool butt is never washable in any situations. If you accidentally wash it, it will shrink and the felt gets harder (dense) and probably will lose its cute shape…..

When you wash the strap, 

1. detach the butt from the strap (Velcro)

2. wash the strap by hand with cool water and mild detergent

3. hang dry (no drier!), iron with cotton setting

4. when it’s completely dry, attach the butt back on the strap

Even though the strap is washable, I would recommend to wash it only when you really need to. With more frequent washing, it wears faster.

Happy sewing!